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Precautions for the Use of Plastic Bento Lunch Boxes

Hits: 854, Date: 2021/03/20

1. When the plastic bento lunch boxes are being heated, the control time should not be too long that 2-3 minutes are enough. At the same time, open the lid carefully, since heating under sealing condition may cause explosion.

2. It is not suitable to choose green leafy vegetables and cold dishes as bento meals, because these vegetables contain nitrate, which will be converted into nitrite after a long time, which is harmful to health, and the nutrients of this kind of vegetables after the second heating would loose a lot. You can choose non-perishable nightshade vegetables, and beans and fungi are also suitable for bringing.

3. In terms of freshness, it is not suitable to take steamed buns, cakes, etc., as the staple food, because they become dry easily. You can choose rice, it can still maintain the taste after reheating. In addition, food with too high oil content is relatively easy to spoil, and it is not easy to keep fresh.

4. The food in the plastic bento lunch boxes are best to be stored separately, such as staple food and side dishes, fruits should be put in different inerlayers.

5. Regular replacement. If the plastic lunch box is constantly heated or exposed to sunlight, it will easily damage the plastic molecules and become fragile and aging. Therefore, if the plastic box is found to be hard, from transparent to opaque, deformed or scratched, it should be replaced. If used in a microwave oven, more harmful substances will be released.