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Let's Learn about the Different Bento Box Styles

Hits: 973, Date: 2021/03/20

1. The bento box styles are various

To make a bento will start by choosing the right one. According to the material, the bento box can be divided into plastic bento box, aluminum stainless steel bento box, wooden and bamboo bento box, thermal insulation bento box and so on. Here is a summary of the advantages of different types of bento boxes.

2. The advantages of different types of bento boxes

1) Plastic bento box

Advantages: It has cartoon characters and other patterns, which is loved by children. The price is relatively cheap, and the plastic bento box with excellent quality is full of luster and has beautiful design. If it’s not out of shape and has strong sealing, it can be used microwave oven heating according to the material .

2) Stainless steel bento box

Advantages: It is not easy to scratch, durable, and easy to clean. Also it’s light, which is suitable for children.

3) Bento boxes made of wood and bamboo

Advantages: Wooden and bamboo bento boxes are generally more light. The raw materials are very natural, and more environmentally friendly. And because of beautiful appearance when taking a picture, so they are favored by people who like showing their food. Wooded or bamboo bento boxes are suitable for snack, cold food and fitness meal, not for oily food. Also the wooden tableware needs very careful maintenance, otherwise it will become old easily.

4) Thermal insulation bento box

Advantages: It has good sealing, more convenient with soup; can insulate air, inhibit bacterial growth so that prolong food preservation; can keep the original temperature of food without secondary heating, reduce food nutrition loss (retain the original flavor and lock fresh); can be used for both heat and cold preservation, which is suitable for a variety of occasions.

The bento box styles are various. The key is how you choose and use them to give full play to their infinite magic.

After learning about the pros and cons of different types of bento boxes, when it comes time to make your own bento, you can choose different types of bento boxes based on the content of this article.